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Trump"s former campaign manager declined to answer several questions in his testimony so far despite his subpoena
9/17/2019 11:55 AM
...Read More
Watch how the hearing went off the rails
9/17/2019 1:10 PM
Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski frustrated Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) during questioning before the House Judiciary Committee. ...Read More
READ: Lewandowski"s opening statement
9/17/2019 1:47 PM
The House Judiciary Committee is holding its first impeachment investigation hearing on Tuesday, September 17. Here is the opening statement of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski: ...Read More
Lewandowski testifies at House impeachment hearing
9/17/2019 1:57 PM
President Donald Trump"s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is appearing Tuesday before the House Judiciary Committee in the panel"s first official "impeachment hearing" under the panel"s new rules. ...Read More
White House tells Lewandowski not to answer questions and asserts immunity for Dearborn and Porter
9/16/2019 10:14 PM
The White House is asserting that two former senior White House aides have immunity from testifying and is directing former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski not to answer questions about events that occurred after President Donald Trump was elected. Read More
Nadler: "Personally, I think the President ought to be impeached" but public has to be on board
9/16/2019 1:35 PM
House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said Monday he believes the House should impeach President Donald Trump, and now it"s his committee"s job to convince the public that it"s the correct course of action before the House moves forward. Read More
House committee launches probe into Elaine Chao"s ties to company run by her family
9/17/2019 11:29 AM
The House Oversight Committee launched an ethics investigation Monday into Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, who has recently faced scrutiny for her ties to an international shipping company run by members of her family. ...Read More
Cooper reacts to Trump: Does that make sense? It doesn"t.
9/16/2019 8:00 PM
CNN"s Anderson Cooper discusses the threat President Donald Trump directed at Iran over the suspicion that the country is behind the attack on Saudi Arabia"s oil facilities. ...Read More
California Republican Rep. Paul Cook announces plans to leave Congress
9/17/2019 2:04 PM
Rep. Paul Cook, a California Republican, announced Tuesday that he will not seek reelection to the House in 2020, adding to the growing number of House Republicans who plan to depart in 2020. ...Read More
New York Times reporters grilled about botched Kavanaugh story
9/17/2019 1:22 PM
The two reporters at the center of the botched New York Times story about a new sexual misconduct allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh were pressed on Tuesday about the paper"s handling of the facts. ...Read More

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