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Gov. John Bel Edwards narrowly wins reelection over a GOP businessman in the state Trump won by 20 points in 2016
11/16/2019 11:04 PM
Polls closed Saturday at 9 p.m. ET for the Louisiana governor"s runoff election, in which Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards is seeking reelection against Republican businessman Eddie Rispone. ...Read More
Pete Buttigieg surges to first place in Iowa, new poll shows
11/16/2019 7:26 PM
There is a new Democratic front-runner in Iowa, and his name is Pete Buttigieg. ...Read More
Hear Buttigieg"s reaction to front-runner status
11/16/2019 7:23 PM
Pete Buttigieg is the new Democratic front-runner in Iowa, according to a new CNN poll. ...Read More
Obama warns 2020 candidates about getting out of step with voters: Be "rooted in reality"
11/16/2019 12:51 PM
Former President Barack Obama used an appearance at a high-dollar donor confab on Friday to urge the field of Democratic presidential hopefuls to "pay some attention to where voters actually are," warning them about going so far on certain policies that they become out of step with voters. Read More
Scaramucci: This is how Democrats crush 2020
11/16/2019 5:56 PM
Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci says the Democrats need a moderate candidate to win the 2020 presidential elections. ...Read More
Opinion: You can forget about the predicted political backlash against Democrats for impeachment
11/16/2019 6:56 PM
The first week of impeachment public hearings was devastating for President Donald Trump. The House Intelligence Committee heard testimony from foreign service officials deeply troubled by the administration"s shadow policymaking cabal, headed by Rudy Giuliani, that withheld vital foreign aid in exchange for campaign support....Read More
Fact-checking Trump"s claims at Louisiana rally
11/16/2019 1:11 PM
CNN"s Jake Tapper, in partnership with, looks at claims made by President Trump about impeachment, China, healthcare and more at a rally in Louisiana. ...Read More
Ex-NSC official corroborates Sondland said he was directed by Trump on Ukraine
11/16/2019 6:27 PM
• Pelosi to Trump: When you come after the whistleblower, "you"re in my wheelhouse" • Watch Fox News hosts react to Yovanovitch hearing • First details of Pence call with Zelensky ...Read More
He was shot 5 times at the El Paso Walmart and spent 2 months at hospitals. This is his fight to get back his life
11/17/2019 3:26 AM
...Read More
Two chemistry professors arrested for allegedly making meth
11/16/2019 9:43 PM
Two Arkansas chemistry professors have been arrested and accused of making methamphetamine, according to the Clark County Sheriff"s Department. And no, neither of them is named Walter White. ...Read More

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